Today is beautiful.
I just woke up to receive this news!.

Dear Ricky Lee,

On behalf of the Arts and Healing Network, I am delighted to write and share the news that you have been selected as one of this year’s recipients of the AHN Award. Congratulations!

The four of us at the Arts and Healing Network - Marion Weber, Sandra Hobson, Tristy Taylor and myself - are deeply inspired by your incredible creative vision in the work you are doing with murals, youth, and artists in Capetown. We admire how you are using art within your community to revitalise and transform your neighborhood. We are so impressed that at such a young age, you are so clear about your direction as an artist and we applaud you for your immense talent and leadership.

This year the Arts and Healing Network is giving away three awards to support “the next generation” of healing artists who are between 18 and 35 years old. In addition to yourself, we are also granting awards to Naomi Natale

and Sara Potler Your AHN Award includes a gift of $4000 for you to use in whatever manner you decide. The Arts and Healing Network simply wants to acknowledge your great work and support you in continuing to make such a valuable contribution to the world. This is the first time we are granting funds to someone in South Africa. Congratulations on being such an inspirational catalyst for positive change! I wish you continued joy and success with your phenomenal work in the world! See more info about the prize and past winners here
(Ps:I have decided to use the money to invest in the artist in residency program,to expand it and allow for a workshop area to be used by both local and international artist in residency)