/A WORD OF ART is proud to present the next episode of our artist talk series, featuring six international creatives with a wide range of practices. Please note that the date has been changed

Pascal Paquette, Bikes, Scott Sueme, Elicser Elliott, Jalani Morgan and Catherine J Howard will talk about their work and experiences in Cape Town, accompanied by a slideshow presentation. Artist studios will be open for viewing, and there will be a cash bar available.

Talks will take place from 6-7:30 pm on Wednesday May 2nd at the /AWOA Art House at 3 Garrick Road, University Estate, Cape Town. Google map link here.

Please come and meet:

Pascal Paquette was born in Hawkesbury, Ontario but grew up in the Outaouais region. He studied graphic arts at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa before relocating to Toronto. His work focuses on the transformation of culture that occurs when two or more economic, social or cultural realities collide. He exhibits and works both locally and internationally.

Bikes is a musician and DJ. Since the age of 9 he worked in various genres until late 2010, when an amped up electro remix and a burning desire to share his love of music triggered the “a-ha” moment he was looking for. This decision jumpstarted his DJ career and helped define his skills as a producer.

Scott Sueme is an abstract painter with roots in graffiti. His paintings are an exploration of spontaneity and intuition; a departure from his critically structured and designed letter based graffiti pieces. His process juxtaposes improvisation and strategy, layering dense shapes and bold colors over subtle tones and surfaces. The resulting narratives range from highly kinetic compositions to uniform geometrics.

Jalani Morgan is a photographer working in various disciplines including portraiture, fashion, editorial and commercial photography. His passion for creative culture and design feeds his photographic curiosity, positioning him as an emerging talent for his commercial and editorial work. His ultimate goal is to make pictures that have enduring meaning - not just for today.

Elicser Elliott is an aerosol artist who also works with animation, 3 dimensional sculpture/installation and acrylics/mixed media. He draws inspiration from the people and environments from his daily life, translating their images with his unique perception and gestural style.

Catherine J Howard is a visual artist, art technique and art history instructor, curator, and freelance arts writer. She graduated with BA in Art History from Barnard College, specializing in Contemporary African Art and art education for children with disabilities.

As anyone who has spent more than five minutes with her knows, she is a hugger, and as such, she is determined to generate a worldwide intimacy revolution. Her dream is to travel the world creating art that connects us to each other, challenging us to see the world is bigger than our tiny communities. Melding visual and verbal communication, her paintings, drawings, murals, and installations offer fortuitous opportunities for intimate conversations with strangers, unexpected reflection, connection, empathy, and intimacy.

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