Thanks again to all the folks who came out to the “Commune/Communicate/Comment” exhibition in spite of the rain! My website is fully updated with photos of my newest series, “I know ‘em so well I tell ‘em with my eyes closed” and the pop-up exhibition for “Commune/Communicate/Comment”!

During these relaxing days following my exhibition, I have fallen into a creative groove. Working hard to actualize a series of sketchbooks that has been marinating for the past month, going for long walks to the local museums, cooking delicious dinners, reading in the sun.

I love being at my desk, moving pen across the paper, reacting to playful instincts.

“Slowly and gently” is my mantra. Coaxing, not forcing; existing, not hacking. Small steps allow the projects to change and reform organically.

In many ways, I’ve become an entirely new artist here, and for that, I am eternally grateful to all the warm and artistic Capetonians (and Canadians) who have welcomed me into their community.

Catherine J Howard
Visual Artist
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