I am so excited to announce some of my favorite people/artists are coming to Cape Town on residency for Dec 2012 - Jan 2013
Artist will go on an ART TRIP with me Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam
We will be painting murals in Joburg, Cape Town, Khayelitsha, Gugulethu and more.
With the trip culminating at the end of January with an exhibition of original works and documentation of the trip.

Gaia (New York / Baltimore)
Franco JAZ Fasoli (Beunies Aeries)
KNOW HOPE (Tel Aviv)

Voted number one street artist of the year by Vandalog (See here http://www.complex.com/art-design/2012/07/the-50-greatest-street-artists-right-now/ ) GAIA is young and prolific putting up street works almost daily ,making gorgeous studio work and he is also the organizer behind projects like http://openwallsbaltimore.com/ (witch I was fortunate enough to be invited to earlier this year)
GAIA is not only an amazing artist but an amazing person,having a conversation with this guy is a event in itself.
I am so excited to see how South Africa and GAIA connect.
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Franco JAZ Fasoli (Beunies Aeries)
Voted number two street artist of 2012 by Vandalog; JAZ is an extraordinary talent, coming from a theatre set painting background,JAZ is a true master, his style is so unique and original and even better he is always smiling and always friendly.And he dances really funny.
We are lucky to have you here my friend :)
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KNOW HOPE (Tel Aviv)

A street poet through and through, KNOW HOPE punches harmony through the grey of life with prolific statements and truths, stringing words and symbols together to create harmonys that resonate with the human heart.
KNOW HOPE is a humble artist who I am sure believes in the same philosophy /A WORD OF ART stands for: ‘Removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of artists, musicians and poets”.
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