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For the upcoming show titled “Transformative” Paul Senyol and Wesley van Eeden explored the notions of reality and society in a constant stage of change. Van Eeden was taken by the idea of how something we do today will have a certain influence on the way we live tomorrow, next week, a month from now and for many years to come. Trying to grapple for a grasp on the present moment, we find ourselves in eternal stages of change. Senyol took a deeper look at the very fabric of his everyday life and those who orbit his existence as a starting point for working towards a final outcome. Senyol explored his surroundings within Woodstock allowing all aspects of its transformation from day to day to influence him.

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Paul Senyol was born on 25 October 1980 in Cape Town, South Africa. Senyol has been drawing and painting since he could hold a pencil but has never received any “formal” art training. At 16, he discovered the freedom of skateboarding and the punk rock music scene in the beautiful suburb of Welgemoed, where he grew up. The aesthetics of skateboard graphics, album covers, magazine layouts and illustrations have influenced his work from an early stage.

Senyol also became exposed to the creativity of graffiti and street artists such as Marc Gonzales, Ed Templeton, and Barry McGee - all forming part of his early art education.

He was later moved by the creative thought and artistic genius of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Cy Twombly.

His lack of formal training and schooling has given him the freedom to break away from traditional notions of painting, to explore genres and styles, and to meld mediums, allow him complete creative freedom. Senyol is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of how something looks, feels, forms shape, lines and expresses colour.


“The butcher”
1500mm x 1100mm
Mixed media on canson montval 300gm (framed)


Wesley van Eeden, like Senyol, was also drain to the freedom and excitement surrounding the skateboarding world from a young age- wanting desperately to grow up to become a professional skateboarder. This formative vision unknowingly introduced van Eeden to his next passion, art, while experimenting with painting his own graphics onto his boards.

This also served as his first introduction into the DIY ethics of Punk Rock which revealed to him that anyone could become an artist if they wanted to. With a formidable drive and rich visual vision van Eeden has developed his own personal aesthetic over the years through his exploration with themes such as rebirth, forgiveness, loss, love and value.

A strong part of his creative process is to work from found objects and then incorporate his own sketches, first exploring the landscape of what is available and then adding to that. Van Eeden currently lives in Durban with his wife and baby boy.

![](#file_f693b40173#) “Akivivi” 19cm x 24cm Mixed media on found wood