Chapter 4:
Falling walls, reflecting ripples.

/A WORD OF ART is an evolving story.
The idea is to inspire through creative projects.
Over the last 5 years /AWOA has been based at 66 Albert Rd and has evolved many times through various chapters:

Chapter 1; ‘Nothing is everything’. 2009
When we moved the studio downstairs into an old bakery and launched a brand new exhibition space.

Chapter 2; ‘Friends’. 2010
Our first trip overseas to represent local artists and promote our project. Dedicated to the friends who helped inspire the beginning of /AWOA.

Chapter 3; ’Its not over’. 2011
When the building was sold we had to close down the residency, studios and exhibition space. Moving back into a new ground floor exhibition and studio space.

We now look ahead to the next chapter:
Chapter 4; ‘ Walls fall, reflections ripple’ 2013

We are closing down the commercial exhibition space to focus less on exhibitions and more on art activism projects within communities of South Africa. We will continue to host international artists in residence whom will be invited to work on these projects.

This is the heart of /A WORD OF ART, The ripple.

Please follow the website ,instagram ,twitter and FB page for future projects.

Thank you so much for the years of support so far.

Our last day of trade will be Saturday Sep 15th.
We will have discounts on selected artists works till then.

Here are only just a few images from the past years and spaces.

(Photo - Matt Ginsburg)

Abstract Stories. Group Show. 2013
(Photo - Matt Ginsburg)

Ways of Seeing’. Know Hope (Tel Aviv) , Jaz ( Buenos Aires) , Gaia (NY) ,Freddy Sam (CT) . 2013.
(Photo - Matt Ginsburg)

I ART JOBURG . Martha Cooper (NY) ESPO (NY) Cameron Platter (SA) Remed (Madrid) Falko (SA) ROA (Belgium) . 2013
(Photo - mynameisgrant)

/A SPACE IN BETWEEN. Group Show . 2012

Exhibition space entrance.

A Office

A studio

Black heart gang. Solo Show . 2012
(Photo - David Southwood)

Building the residency . 2011

Residency artist talk evenings.

Artist residency living room.

Artists residency studio.

The residency balcony.

Yuma(Tokyo) .2012
(Photo - Adam kent West)

Everything must go. David Shillinglaw (UK) and Indigo (Canada) .2011

TIKA (Berlin) 2011
(Photo - Jonx Pillimer)

JOY (Switzerland) and Spoek Mthambo (SA). Performance at TIKA Show .2011
(Photo- Jonx Pillimer)

Guten Tag. (Hamburg) 2011
(Photo- Jonx Pillimer)

Roger Ballen . 2010

The Bin 250 show . 2010
(Photo - weareawesome)

Chapter one: Nothing is Everything .2010
(Photo -Juan Vogues)

Night of 1000 drawings with all 70 volunteers in the studio. 2009
(Photo - Jonx Pillimer)

The very first studio we occupied in the beginning. 2008

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