Colour Ikamva

Colour Ikamva is our latest project in partnership with Ikamva Youth and Matchboxology.
Founded by Joy Olivier, Megan King, Cal Bruns and Ricky Lee Gordon

It is our heart and soul and our core focus for now.

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The end of a chapter.

Chapter 4:
Falling walls, reflecting ripples.

/A WORD OF ART is an evolving story.
The idea is to inspire through creative projects.
Over the last 5 years /AWOA has been based at 66 Albert Rd and has evolved many times through various chapters:

Chapter 1; ‘Nothing is everything’. 2009
When we moved the studio downstairs into an old bakery and launched a brand new exhibition space.

Chapter 2; ‘Friends’. 2010
Our first trip overseas to represent local artists and promote our project. Dedicated to the friends who helped inspire the beginning of /AWOA.

Chapter 3; ’Its not over’. 2011
When the building was sold we had to close down the residency, studios and exhibition space. Moving back into a new ground floor exhibition and studio space.

We now look ahead to the next chapter:
Chapter 4; ‘ Walls fall, reflections ripple’ 2013

We are closing down the commercial exhibition space to focus less on exhibitions and more on art activism projects within communities of South Africa. We will continue to host international artists in residence whom will be invited to work on these projects.

This is the heart of /A WORD OF ART, The ripple.

Please follow the website ,instagram ,twitter and FB page for future projects.

Thank you so much for the years of support so far.

Our last day of trade will be Saturday Sep 15th.
We will have discounts on selected artists works till then.

Here are only just a few images from the past years and spaces.

(Photo - Matt Ginsburg)

Abstract Stories. Group Show. 2013
(Photo - Matt Ginsburg)

Ways of Seeing’. Know Hope (Tel Aviv) , Jaz ( Buenos Aires) , Gaia (NY) ,Freddy Sam (CT) . 2013.
(Photo - Matt Ginsburg)

I ART JOBURG . Martha Cooper (NY) ESPO (NY) Cameron Platter (SA) Remed (Madrid) Falko (SA) ROA (Belgium) . 2013
(Photo - mynameisgrant)

/A SPACE IN BETWEEN. Group Show . 2012

Exhibition space entrance.

A Office

A studio

Black heart gang. Solo Show . 2012
(Photo - David Southwood)

Building the residency . 2011

Residency artist talk evenings.

Artist residency living room.

Artists residency studio.

The residency balcony.

Yuma(Tokyo) .2012
(Photo - Adam kent West)

Everything must go. David Shillinglaw (UK) and Indigo (Canada) .2011

TIKA (Berlin) 2011
(Photo - Jonx Pillimer)

JOY (Switzerland) and Spoek Mthambo (SA). Performance at TIKA Show .2011
(Photo- Jonx Pillimer)

Guten Tag. (Hamburg) 2011
(Photo- Jonx Pillimer)

Roger Ballen . 2010

The Bin 250 show . 2010
(Photo - weareawesome)

Chapter one: Nothing is Everything .2010
(Photo -Juan Vogues)

Night of 1000 drawings with all 70 volunteers in the studio. 2009
(Photo - Jonx Pillimer)

The very first studio we occupied in the beginning. 2008

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the colour project

We are off into exciting lands and into the beautiful world of colour! Our goal is to find inspiring spaces, investigate the importance of these environments to the people and communities that use them… When we return from the world outside, we will begin phase two; collaborating with students at IkamvaYouth in painting an entire high school in rural South Africa.
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For more info please download the full pdf about the project..

#whileyouwerehustling exhibition catalogue

Link to the current show #whileyouwerehustling exhibition catalogue:


ABSTRACT STORIES opened last night,here are the gallery view photos and pdf catalogue.



The ‘Transformative’ catalogue and gallery view is now online here:


/A WORD OF ART in partnership with our bestest friends GreenPop were just notified that we are one of the winners of the Design Indaba; Your Street Challange
We will be using the money to transform the Greenpop Nursery on Mountain Rd Woodstock,with a mural,art installations and a public jungle jim/tree house .
This is Ricky from /AWOA and Misha of Greenpop receiving the prize form the Mayor


Mural in Woodstock ,Cape Town by visiting artist in residence REMED (Madrid)

Here at /A WORD OF ART we believe:
‘Color creates energy ,energy creates inspiration and inspiration creates change,Therefore removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of artists musicians and poets.’


Join us next Thursday for a drink and some great art!

For the upcoming show titled “Transformative” Paul Senyol and Wesley van Eeden explored the notions of reality and society in a constant stage of change. Van Eeden was taken by the idea of how something we do today will have a certain influence on the way we live tomorrow, next week, a month from now and for many years to come. Trying to grapple for a grasp on the present moment, we find ourselves in eternal stages of change. Senyol took a deeper look at the very fabric of his everyday life and those who orbit his existence as a starting point for working towards a final outcome. Senyol explored his surroundings within Woodstock allowing all aspects of its transformation from day to day to influence him.

For more images or to schedule interviews with the artists or curators, please email Images available upon request.


Paul Senyol was born on 25 October 1980 in Cape Town, South Africa. Senyol has been drawing and painting since he could hold a pencil but has never received any “formal” art training. At 16, he discovered the freedom of skateboarding and the punk rock music scene in the beautiful suburb of Welgemoed, where he grew up. The aesthetics of skateboard graphics, album covers, magazine layouts and illustrations have influenced his work from an early stage.

Senyol also became exposed to the creativity of graffiti and street artists such as Marc Gonzales, Ed Templeton, and Barry McGee - all forming part of his early art education.

He was later moved by the creative thought and artistic genius of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Cy Twombly.

His lack of formal training and schooling has given him the freedom to break away from traditional notions of painting, to explore genres and styles, and to meld mediums, allow him complete creative freedom. Senyol is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of how something looks, feels, forms shape, lines and expresses colour.


“The butcher”
1500mm x 1100mm
Mixed media on canson montval 300gm (framed)


Wesley van Eeden, like Senyol, was also drain to the freedom and excitement surrounding the skateboarding world from a young age- wanting desperately to grow up to become a professional skateboarder. This formative vision unknowingly introduced van Eeden to his next passion, art, while experimenting with painting his own graphics onto his boards.

This also served as his first introduction into the DIY ethics of Punk Rock which revealed to him that anyone could become an artist if they wanted to. With a formidable drive and rich visual vision van Eeden has developed his own personal aesthetic over the years through his exploration with themes such as rebirth, forgiveness, loss, love and value.

A strong part of his creative process is to work from found objects and then incorporate his own sketches, first exploring the landscape of what is available and then adding to that. Van Eeden currently lives in Durban with his wife and baby boy.

![](#file_f693b40173#) “Akivivi” 19cm x 24cm Mixed media on found wood


I ART JOBURG opening night photos here:


For catalogue and images please see


OPENS JAN 24TH 2013 | 7 - 11PM (RUNS - MARCH 9TH 2013)

Ways of Seeing - The result of a month long painting project in Cape Town and Johannesburg curated by Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam (Cape Town) with international artists in residence KNOW HOPE (Tel Aviv), Gaia (NY), and Franco JAZ Fasoli (Buenos Aires) .


PROJECT SPONSORED BY: The Maboneng precinct, The Woodstock Exchange and /A WORD OF ART.


Excited about this current painting project I am curating.

Curated by me, Freddy Sam (Cape Town) with international artists in residence KNOW HOPE (Tel Aviv), Gaia (NY), Franco JAZ Fasoli (Buenos Aires)

Johannesburg: Dec 23 - 29 / 2012
Cape Town: Dec 29 / 2012 - Jan 30 / 2013


Exhibition opens at /A WORD OF ART Jan 23 and runs till March 10
/A WORD OF ART - 66 Albert Rd ,Woodstock Cape Town.

Project sponsored by:
The Maboneng precinct, The Woodstock Exchange and /A WORD OF ART.

Follow the project here:


Nice review of the current Blackheart gang exhibition via Mail&Gaurdian

National Geographic

I was selected as part of a list of “11 guerrilla street art greats” on National Geographic,along with the likes of Banksy, JR, Space Invader and Know Hope.
I really don’t think I deserve this at all but its motivating to know that Im being noticed.
“Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam /A WORD OF ART founder.

Daniel Raven-Ellison who created the listing said: ‘It’s in my nature to enjoy art that amplifies a point of view, allowing it to be “heard” above the din of a loud and busy city.’
See the full listing here:


Austin Mcmanus of JUXTAPOZ Magazine spent 2 weeks with us on I ART JOBURG witch I curated with ANDPEOPLE.
Austin is a great writer / photographer and was a fun addition to the I ART team.
See his blog here:

I am excited to share that he published a small write up and photo story in the December issue of Juxtapose magazine.

He chose to focus on the day we spent in Soweto painting with the kids and with Maemo the incredible principal at the Mambo primary school.(This is so awesome as this was by far my favorite day,It was truly a special day.)

Continue reading for the full article.

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So here we go:
I ART Videos.
Good job Rowan Pybus


The Blackheart gang exhibition now open.

The Blackheart gang ‘Postcards from Molotia” opened last night with a massive turnout of people, Please come visit this radical world created by The Blackheart gang.It is a must see!
View the catalog here:

Artist in residence: Hannah Parr

Hannah Parr is a painter from England now living in Berlin.

She is currently in residence Nov-Dec 2012 Whilst here Hanna will be focused working in studio and creating murals outside. She has already completed two murals in Khayelisha and Gugulethu. Please come visit her in studio.

Blackheart gang at /A WORD OF ART

The stage is almost set for Friday nights exhibition.
It is look beautiful.
See you at 7pm.

Upcoming artists in residence.

I am so excited to announce some of my favorite people/artists are coming to Cape Town on residency for Dec 2012 - Jan 2013
Artist will go on an ART TRIP with me Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam
We will be painting murals in Joburg, Cape Town, Khayelitsha, Gugulethu and more.
With the trip culminating at the end of January with an exhibition of original works and documentation of the trip.

Gaia (New York / Baltimore)
Franco JAZ Fasoli (Beunies Aeries)
KNOW HOPE (Tel Aviv)

Voted number one street artist of the year by Vandalog (See here ) GAIA is young and prolific putting up street works almost daily ,making gorgeous studio work and he is also the organizer behind projects like (witch I was fortunate enough to be invited to earlier this year)
GAIA is not only an amazing artist but an amazing person,having a conversation with this guy is a event in itself.
I am so excited to see how South Africa and GAIA connect.
View website:

Franco JAZ Fasoli (Beunies Aeries)
Voted number two street artist of 2012 by Vandalog; JAZ is an extraordinary talent, coming from a theatre set painting background,JAZ is a true master, his style is so unique and original and even better he is always smiling and always friendly.And he dances really funny.
We are lucky to have you here my friend :)
View website:

KNOW HOPE (Tel Aviv)

A street poet through and through, KNOW HOPE punches harmony through the grey of life with prolific statements and truths, stringing words and symbols together to create harmonys that resonate with the human heart.
KNOW HOPE is a humble artist who I am sure believes in the same philosophy /A WORD OF ART stands for: ‘Removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of artists, musicians and poets”.
View website:


Follow us behind the scenes here:

Upcoming exhibition.

/A WORD OF ART presents to you:
“Postcards from Molotia”

A new exhibit by the The Blackheart gang (Ree Treweek and Markus Wormstorm)

OPENS NOV 30TH 2012 / 7:30 - 12:00 PM (RUNS - JAN 17TH 2013)

The Blackheart gang is a collaboration between Ree Treweek and Markus Wormstorm. They think of themselves as archivist documenting the realms of imagination. Over the last ten years they have explored many such worlds- documenting them through music, animation, prints, etchings and sculptures.

Their previous film “The Tale Of How” raked in a score of international awards and propelled The Blackheart Gang onto the international stage. They have exhibited their work around the world and spoken at many international design conferences.

Their new exhibit explores the unsteady relationship between imperialism and tribalism. “Postcards from Molotia” is a collection of prints and sculptures documenting the people from the war-torn jungles of the Molotian Bog.

The opening night event is part of

Rooster Bear”
Hand carved and painted wood sculpture.
140CM X 60CM

Rooster bear”
Etching on archival paper

Gardens 99% complete

Freddy Sam recently completed the Gardens myCitIbus station mural commissioned by the city of Cape Town.Aside for a few small details its 99% complete.
Better photos to follow soon.