Sneak peak: Catherine J Howard at the Percy Bartley House

We look forward to seeing you THIS SATURDAY from 3-6 pm at the upcoming exhibition “Commune/Communicate/Comment” at Percy Bartley House, 44 Pine St, Woodstock.

Catherine J Howard, artist-in-residence with A Word of Art, has collaborated with the boys at the Percy Bartley House to create a series of drawings, murals, and a photobook celebrating their community.

Check out a sneak preview of the mural created for the exhibition:

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Elicser Elliott in South Africa

Director’s note: This is the first blog entry of Elicser Elliott, Artist in Residence from Toronto, sharing his experiences with us.

Mama Africa… Hello Mama Africa how are you? Im feeling fine and I hope you’re fine too. I’m finally here.

When I was a kid in St.Vincent in the West Indies, I was all about Rasta… Rastafarianism. The Whole thing about Rasta is that at some point we all come back home to Africa. I’m finally here. The very southern tip of Africa but Africa nonetheless. So this is big for me not only as an artist but as a black man.

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South Africa - Now I am here!

_Director’s note: Former Artist in Residence Andrzej Urbanski just left the residency. We are sad about that. However, he gave us a summary of his time in Cape Town that we are happy to share with you._

Unexpected thoughts and stories about the history and the population in SA from the last 20 years created an “I am going to the jungle” feeling inside my head. On the other hand I remembered the colonial history I was taught in school and I really did not know what to expect.

On first impressions, I found Cape Town to be a megacity at the end of the world with its own rules and structures. My feelings staggered from anger to happiness as the members of the AWOA Residency showed me different areas of the city. I have never seen poverty so close to wealthiness, rude behavior towards other nations and discrimination of physiognomical attributes than here.

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/A WORD OF ART is happy to invite you to attend Commune/Communicate/Comment, an arts outreach initiative at Percy Bartley House by current artists in residence Catherine J Howard and Victoria Potter.

During four classes Catherine J. Howard and the boys of the Percy Bartley House explored topics of community building and social awareness. The residents illustrate their role in the community and how they want to create change, while Catherine J. Howard and Victoria Potter work in dialogue with the participants through their respective mediums.

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Intern Update: Meike Hartwig

Working together with people you barely know can get very difficult. OR it works out very well. While working with the artists it didn`t even come to mind that there could be any problems. Instead I just got myself into it and enjoyed the movement that affected me and my work during the process.

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/AWOA Artist Talk March 29th

/A WORD OF ART is proud to present the second of our artist talk series, to take place on Thursday March 29th at 6pm. We have recently moved into a temporary residence while renovations are being completed on our previous space at the Woodstock Industrial Centre. Please come by to see what each artist has been working on during their time in Cape Town – studios will be open to the public, and each talk will be accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

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Artist in Res Update: Catherine J Howard

Rounding out my second week in Cape Town, I have officially loaded myself down with projects. Next week, I begin a series of three murals at the Alpha School for Learners with Autism, and Elicser Eliott and I will be collaborating on a sculpture for them as well.

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/A WORD OF ART Residency Winter Rates

/A WORD OF ART is happy to announce an annual winter rate for the months of June, July and August, making our International Artist in Residence Program in Cape Town, South Africa available to at a discounted rate of R3000 per month - 40% off of our regular fees of R5000/month. The remainder of the year is almost full, so we encourage prospective residents to apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Yumanizumu (Tokyo) exhibition, photo by Adam Kent Wiest

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Intern Update: Meike Hartwig

Director’s note: Meike Hartwig is in the middle of a three month internship with /A WORD OF ART, as a part of her studies at Bremen University. This is the first of her weekly blog updates about her time in Cape Town.

Brett Murray

Since this is my third time in Cape Town I knew what I wanted do do and to learn here. Once I acclimatized and became familiar with the doubtlessly overwhelming nature (even though luckily I will never really get used to it. What a pity if it would just get sucked in by daily life), I seized the chance to get deeper into the complex art history of this culture.

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Artist in Res Update: Catherine J Howard

Director’s note: Moving forward, /A WORD OF ART will be posting weekly updates from each artist in residence, with their experiences during their stay in Cape Town. Our first update is from Catherine J Howard, a painter from Durham, North Carolina who is in residence for the months of March and April. For more information on past, current and upcoming artists, please visit the residency page on our website.

What a pick-me-up…

Although I arrived only eight days ago, Cape Town has infiltrated my bloodstream. Sandals, sunshine, sand, and South African accents. Delicious. Coming from a decently mild North American winter, I wasn’t expecting my body to perk up by a sudden “summertime”, but sure enough, the previously unnoticed sluggish thought patterns indicative of “winter doldrums” immediately picked up to fast-paced summer levels.

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I just received an email shortlisting me for the IAPA International Award for Excellence in Public Art.What an honor! :)
Organized by Forecast Public Art, publisher of “Public Art Review! (USA) and University of Shangai, publisher of “Public Art” magazine(China).
The Award acknowledges the highest achievement in public art in any country. The Award draws attention to the major contribution made by artists around the world to the quality of life, our shared environments and the importance of developing space to nurture citizenship and public well being. The focus of the Award in its initial year is on artists’ contribution to place-making.

A primary goal is to stimulate debate about the quality of public spaces among artists and allied professions, and among decision-makers in urban planning and design. To encourage this, the organizers are establishing an online database of projects by professional artists and public art agencies around the world. Once the first Award has been made, this database will be made freely accessible.

I feel like I won already by being acknowledged at this scale,I am happy because I can leverage the exposure and get some public art projects going here in SA.


We have moved into lovely new home in Upper Woodstock for the next 5 months whilst the WIC undergoes renovations.
We will re-open the Gallery/Studio/Project room on May 17th with our first art show in our brand new space.Together with the launch of our new company /ANDPEOPLE.
Hope to see you all there.

New Beginnings,Fearless dreams.

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DIAMOND INSIDE Trailer, English Subtitled from boamistura on Vimeo.

Trailer for Boa Mistura’s (Madrid) documentary in Cape Town on the /A WORD OF ART residency in 2011

Music: “Freak” by P.H.Fat.
Produced by: Certain Risks S.L.
Directed by: Luis Sánchez Alba.

For more about there residency see there travel blog here:


‎/A WORD OF ART artist in residence Victoria Potter shares her residency experience.

Iron jaguar wishes sailors good luck (Taken with instagram)


Artists in residence Amie Gislason and Steffen Quong both from Vancouver CA spent 2 days in Khayelitsha with Juma and Willard painting a school with the help of the kids.

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/A short film portrait about artist in residence MYMO from Berlin.
MYMO currently lives and works in Berlin. Her work has been shown throughout the world in places ranging from London, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, L.A.,Australia,Amsterdam and many more.Her travels have a direct relationship with her artistic practice.
Her influences come from Egypt and the rest of North Africa, like Pyramid shapes, Triangular and colorful patterns.
Created by: Miguel Lomott,,
Advisor: Katharina Brinkmann
Music by:
Fletcher - Dreadlox Dub
Maga Bo ft. Teba - Nqayi
Thanks to:
Honey B & African Dope Records

MYMO at /A Word of Art from Miguel Lomott on Vimeo.


On Saturday 21 January the first ever 5 For Change fundraiser took place at the Runway in Woodstock, Cape Town. The brainchild of Adriaan Dippenaar (investment analyst) and school mates, Dave Deetlefs and Ross Mckernan (both attorneys), decided to host a prestigious black tie event to raise awareness and funds for five select local social enterprises, namely, Let There be Light, Greenpop, MyLife, African Brothers Football Academy and /A WORD OF ART(Write on Africa).

The selected charities had to cover a wide scope of interests, be reasonably new and comprise of highly ambitious young people. “Raising social awareness for these charities is our primary goal”, said Dippenaar.

The trio combined a fun social event for young professionals with the opportunity to support social initiatives and meet the dynamic people making it all happen. “This project was very much about bringing two worlds together”, commented Deetlefs.

Watch this space as 5 For Change hopes to become an annual fixture on Cape Town’s social calendar.

Let There Be Light aims to empower individuals to use their own unique talent to sustain themselves by teaching and developing creative skills and introducing them to basic business principles.
Greenpop runs urban greening and reforestation projects in sub-Saharan Africa planting trees in schools, communities and deforested areas with the aim to spread environmental awareness.
MyLife wants to create a space where the rehabilitation of abused, neglected and homeless people can take place.
African Brothers Football Academy provides a safe place to train, a framework for coaches, players, referees and administrators to raise the standards of soccer in South Africa.
/A WORD OF ART – Creativity and art inspiring social change.

For more please support there FB page here


Here’s a small photo history of the /A WORD OF ART studio / house/ art ship.
To everyone who ever came through the doors, thank you :)

Hope to see you for a farewell , art show , house party this Saturday,


Just got the Boamistura documentary film about their stay here ,
Just finished watching it,with all the new residents,Its so good,and inspiring,
Look out for it in this years Encounters film festival.We will also have a small screening some time soon.


And some beautifully shot film photos courtesy of Lea Colombo.
See the full album here.


The event was a huge success with over 1000 people attending,it was a harmonious chaos of the beautiful and weird.

Here are some as always awesome photos from Andrew at WE ARE AWESOME.

For the full album see here.


Here are some great photos courtesy of revolution-daily.
For the full album see here.
and more of the art here.


And here are our favourites courtesy of Sydelle Willow Smith.

For the full album please see here.


/A short film portrait about Timothy Adam Maynard from Portland, Oregon, who shows his works as a part of the Artists in Residency program here at /AWOA in Woodstock, Cape Town.
Created by: Miguel Lomott, Advisor: Katharina Brinkmann.
Tim Adam

Tim Adam Bags at /A Word of Art from Miguel Lomott on Vimeo.


The artist talks last week were a great success,lots of cheering and high 5’s. made a video of all the talks.We will post it here soon.