Recovery Direct

Recovery Direct was founded by Vaughan Pankhurst and is positioned as one of the top substance abuse and psychological rehabilitation centres in the world. The centre treats a range of behavioural and substance abuse conditions ranging from drug addictions to process disorders and behavioural problems.

The centre offers a unique approach to recovery by focusing on trauma identification and resolution. Trauma is the underlying driver behind many substance abuse problems and by getting to the heart of the traumatic event, the individual is able to see the unique trigger behind their destructive behaviour.

This process is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of experts spearheaded by Clinical Director, Vaughan Pankhurst and includes psychiatrists, nursing staff, psychologists and counsellors. The centre operates on the premise that recovery is a highly individualised continuum and counselling is of the utmost importance. For this reason, patients are seen by counsellors on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day.

The environment at Recovery Direct is one of healing and tranquility with world-class facilities set in a scenic and tranquil setting in Constantia, Cape Town. Spacious multi-functional suites allow patients the ease of mind to achieve clarity and recovery. Patients are able to choose their length of stay and customise their process to suit their needs. Visit our website: or phone: 0792357415 for more information about the outpatient programme click here.

Relapse Prevention

With the rate of relapse and the importance of managing the process of recovery, the need was identified to create Relapse Prevention – an assistive service which directs patients in recovery to the best treatment centre for the stage of addiction they are in. This decision is based on their unique needs, budget requirements and demographics.

In order to make a full recovery, individuals need to be extremely vigilant towards their triggers and the potential for relapse. This service was created to steer addicts in recovery on a path to health and personal fulfilment. To contact Relapse Prevention, call 0735932722 or email Alternatively, visit the website:

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